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Boiler Installation Belfast

Having accumulated extensive expertise in the heating industry, we are well-equipped to provide high quality central heating services across Belfast and its surrounding areas.

Replace your boiler with a more efficient running boiler

Your home heating and hot water is about more then just your boiler. From hot water pipes to heating valves and controls and of course radiators.

Hynes Plumbing and Heating are the Belfast Local experts. From servicing, breakdowns and repairs installation and system upgrades. We ensure you to have a reliable, efficient and well-designed system, where ever in Belfast you live.

Its easy book an appointment to discuss your needs with one of our gas safe registered team. Got a problem now? Our team can be with you quickly, call now.

Looking for more from your boiler and central heating system?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your system? Technology has improved greatly in the last 10 years. Old heating systems can be inefficient and not keep up with modern needs, Hynes Plumbing and Heating are the experts in Belfast when it comes to system upgrades and improvements. From better controls to improved efficiency and system design let’s see how we can ensure your heating systems meets your needs.

  • Loss of boiler pressure
  • Unusual noises when your boiler is on
  • Boiler ignition failures
  • Leaking radiators
  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Radiators that are slow to warm up
  • Boiler error codes
  • Pilot light going out

You don’t have to put up with central heating problems. Contact Hynes Plumbing and Heating your local Belfast heating engineers to discuss your needs. We’ll arrange a visit to get to the bottom of the problem and find the most cost-effective solution for you by one of our trained gas safe registered experts.

Problems with your Heating Systems?

Our experienced and helpful staff are always happy to help.

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Got a problem with your heating in Belfast

When the heating and hot water is not working people often think that a new boiler is the only option. At Hynes Plumbing and Heating we think repair can often be the best option for both our customers wallet and the environment. Fixing a boiler is often less hassle, lower cost and much less disruption as well, with Hynes Plumbing and Heating you can be confident that repair will always be the first option.

You may have been told or head that you need a power flush. Power flushing your heating system may help when it comes to poor efficacy and heat up times or cold spots around the heating system, Hynes Plumbing and Heating offer a range of flushing options all through Belfast that can help resolve these types of problems. Hynes Plumbing and Heating also repair leaks and replace parts such as gas valves, water pumps and automatic air vents.

Is time to upgrade your home heating?

One of the most popular home heating system upgrades is underfloor heating. Adding luxury underfloor heating is easier then you may think.

Hynes Plumbing and Heating underfloor heating option can often be retrofitted into most housing types or installed in new spaces like extensions and bathrooms. Underfloor heating can increase the efficacy of your home heating saving you money while freeing up wall space – thinking of upgrading your system speak to our Belfast based team now.

One of the most popular upgrades is smart heating controls, simply upgrading your controls can save up to 31% on your heating bills and it gives you greater control over your home heating comfort all year round, have a look at our smart heating controls section for more information.

Thinking about new radiators or smartening up your existing radiators or maybe adding towel rails is a great way of increasing your home’s value, adding style and reducing heating costs, at Hynes Plumbing and Heating we offer a full range of high efficacy radiators as well as stylish designer options.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right boiler for my home?

Choosing the right boiler can feel overwhelming, especially if you're unsure which boiler suits your home best. Our team of highly skilled engineers is here to assess your needs and walk you through the various boiler choices, allowing you to make a well-informed and confident decision.

Do you offer financing options for boiler installation?

Yes! We work with a small select panel of boiler finance providers including one of the UK leading consumer lenders Novuna Personal Finance. To find out more about our finance offerings, visit our dedicated finance page

What factors affect the cost of boiler installation?

Factors such as the type of boiler, its size, complexity of installation, materials and additional services can influence the cost of boiler installation. Our engineers are always transparent about our costings and will provide a quote before any work is undertaken. 

Only use a GAS SAFE REGISTERED ENGINEER to FIT, FIX and SERVICE your gas appliances. Click here for more info.