Boiler Installations Lisburn

Gas & Oil Boiler Installations Lisburn

With our extensive expertise in the heating industry, we’re fully equipped to provide top-tier central heating services across Lisburn and its surrounding areas.

Your home’s heating and hot water system extend beyond just the boiler. From hot water pipes to heating valves, controls, and radiators, every element plays a crucial role.

At Hynes Plumbing and Heating, we’re the local experts in Lisburn. Whether you’re considering an oil boiler installation, gas boiler installation, or an oil to gas conversion, we ensure a reliable, efficient, and well-designed system, regardless of your location in Lisburn.

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New Central Heating Systems In Lisburn

Want to upgrade your central heating system?

With technology advancing rapidly over the past decade, significant improvements have been made to central heating systems. Outdated systems may lag behind in efficiency and fail to meet modern demands. At Hynes Plumbing and Heating, we're the trusted experts in Lisburn for system upgrades and enhancements. Whether it involves implementing superior controls, boosting efficiency, or refining system design, let's collaborate to customize your heating system to suit your needs.

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