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Power Flushing in Belfast and the surrounding areas

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Restore optimum circulation and get the most from your central heating with powerflushing. Prolong the lifespan of your boiler and save money in the long run – book your powerflush in Belfast with us.

What is a powerflush?

A powerflushing is a deep clean for your boiler and central heating system which helps keep it working as it should do. Powerflushing your central heating removes dirt, debris and sludge that build up over time, ensuring water can flow freely and heat will be well distributed. Powerflush also helps protect the inside of your boiler and radiators while keeping your system working efficiently. Saving you money

There are several types of Powerflushing and system cleaning

Powerflushing a heating system involves attaching a specialist device to your boilers and radiators. This circulates a professional cleaning solution to flush out pipes and components as well as agitating the radiators and pipe work. On average, the process takes around half a day to complete. The aim of powerflushing is to remove as much of the dirt, debris and sludge as possible.

Chemical flushing is basic cleaning option that involves introducing a cleaning agent to the heating system and leaving the boilers pumps to move the cleaner around the system over a week or show. System flushing will clean out the easy to remove particles but could struggle with a bigger build u of debris.

Problems with your Heating Systems?

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Do you need central heating and radiator powerflushing? Or have you been told you need a powerflush?

A powerflush can help if you are experiencing:

Hynes Plumbing & Heating can carry out powerflushes to proactively solve these problems. We also provide them as part of routine maintenance, preventing problems occurring in the first place where ever you are in Belfast.

We often work with customers who have just moved into a new home, as well as those who or are installing a new boiler in Belfast. A powerflush may be needed under the terms and conditions of your new boiler’s guarantee – systems need to be clean to ensure its validity.

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